CrossFit is a lifestyle fitness program that is characterized by a wide variety of functional movements and sound nutrition.  It can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health and weight loss, to better sports performance. There are a variety of fitness programs that work for everyone. If you are just starting or if you have trained for years, take a look at what CrossFit Geronimo offers.

Our Class Offerings

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit develops fitness, strength and skill through constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. During class, the athlete will be performing body weight movements, using barbells, kettlebells, running, jumping, rowing, etc.

CFG Class
(Cardio, Functional Movements & Gymnastics)

CFG is a boot camp style class that will leave you sweating. CFG class is designed for the athlete who wants to get in a good 60 minute workout using mainly body weight,  gymnastics movements, while getting in a great cardio workout. CFG class is a perfect way to stay in shape without the barbells.

Open Gym & Airborne Squad

Open Gym – A 1-hour “free time” available for all members. During this time, athletes can work on any skill with a coach to help fine tune technique or ask questions. Airborne Squad is an opportunity during open gym which provides athletes a chance to workout with others as a team. This is a great time for athletes to get in extra workouts.

Endurance Class

A class for athletes who enjoy participating in endurance sports (ex.marathons, triathlons) or who want to participate in a training program to improve their overall endurance. Class will consist of a 60-75 minute workout, including a variety of cardio, barbell and gymnastic specific movements.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kid classes are offered on Saturday mornings at 9am. For more information on our next upcoming class please contact us

CrossFit Geronimo’s Schedule
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